The team tournament

On the 15th of December, ESTTV Taveres will be organizing the Team tournament! This tournament is for teams of two players. We start with a poule of four teams, where each team plays two singles (highest and lowest rated players against each other) and one doubles match.

After the first round, new poules are made based on the rank in the first poules. This last poule decides the final ranking of the teams. At the end of the day, every team has played twelve individual matches and six doubles in total.

For the tournament, we have two levels: experienced and the not so experienced/starting players. Everyone is welcome to join.

Date: December 15th, 2018
Time: 10:00-17:30
Location: Students Sport Centre, O.L. Vrouwestraat 1, Eindhoven
Price: €7,50 per person for participating in the tournament.
Extra: We have an arrangement with Hubble. After the tournament, you can choose to have dinner there. The options for dinner are as follows:
1) Mashed potato stew with beef and carrots
2) Vegetarian mashed potato stew with carrots, brie and nuts
3) Mashed potato stew with fish

Costs are as follows:
€7,50 for a medium-sized portion + 1 drink
€ 10,- for a large-sized portion + 1 drink

If you are interested to join, please fill in the form below:

Please subscribe before December 1st, 23:59 h, so that we can inform Hubble in time for the reservations. After your subscription, we will send you a request to pay.

No dinnerNormal size (€7,50)XL size (€10,00)

No dinnerNormal size (€7,50)XL size (€10,00)