International Tabletennis Tournament (ITT)

From 1976 until 2015, E.S.T.T.V. TAVERES hosted the largest student table tennis tournament from Europe. Players from all over Europe visited Eindhoven to play an awesome tournament and have a great party afterwards.

Unfortunately, the tournament was not hosted anymore since 2015. However, the new board is planning to reorganize this tournament this year: from the 10th until the 12th May 2019, you will be able to participate in ITT once again! Curious? Click on the links below for some more information about previous years:

Also, you can check out the ITT Facebook event, where we will regularly post updates!

ITT 2019

The subscription for 2019’s ITT have been opened! Subscribe for the 41st edition of the ITT here! For more information, see our invitation (in Dutch, English, German, French or Polish). The subscription closes on April 19th, 2019.

The ITT-shirt design is finished! Lo and behold: