Last Friday, the final competition match of this season was played. Quite something was at stake: both team 1 (playing 2nd class) and team 4 (playing 7th class) could be promoted to a higher class if they managed to gain enough points in the final match. And they both did!

After several matches, many of which had to be decided in 5 games, both teams managed to win with 7-3, which meant that their opponents (who reached 2nd place in both cases as well) were unable to pass their score. Next season (starting in November), a challenge will await them in the 1st and 6th class, respectively. Good luck to you all!

And of course, their victory had to be celebrated afterwards! After a quick drink in the SSC canteen, we quickly moved to Hubble (together with some opponents) to celebrate with what is probably the largest glass of beer I had ever seen (see below)… but hey, there were plenty of people around to share with!

The winners in 2nd class, TAVERES 1!
From left to right: Martijn, Anouk, Deb and Casper. The final team member, Dion, is unfortunately missing.
The winners in 7th class, TAVERES 4!
From left to right: Antoine, Ilya, Awais and Jeroen. The final team member, Jet, is unfortunately missing.
Deb celebrating with… quite a lot of beer. 3 litres of it, in fact. And no, this picture wasn’t photoshopped.