Golf Clinic and BBQ

To celebrate the end of the academic year, the new board of Taveres has held a BBQ event at Golfcentrum Eindhoven on Friday, July 7, with a Golf Clinic at 6pm where our golf coach Hans talked about chipping and all kinds of golf techniques.

Three honorary awards are carried out to three of our outstanding contributors: Hans Gruijters for being 15 years as the main coach of Taveres, Dion Boesten for being a member for 15 years, and “Mighty” Mike Wang for his remarkable 98% winning rate on NTTB competition.

Later the BBQ has been arranged by the new board members with grilled favorites and picnic-style sides. “We want to show to people that activities in Taveres have been reinstated,” said Chairman Arjan Smit, “and the new board will make Taveres great again.”

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