As per tradition, the week before the Christmas holidays is host to the van Lint sports week. As an association, we participated in several sports, such as futsal, the not-so-famous kinnball, and many other sports, as well as organizing a table tennis tournament for non-members. Special mention goes to Fellenoord (the tennis association), who managed to secure both 1st and 2nd place in table tennis. Congrats!

Pictures can be found below!

On Monday, futsal was up!
Left: TAVERES. Right: …not-TAVERES
Futsal wasn’t our forte, unfortunately…
… but at least the spectators had some fun!
Wednesday was home to volleyball!
Quite some Taverians wanted to play, and some even had prior experience.
The other sport played on Wednesday was squash, which was also fun!
Thursday evening: the table tennis tournament has started! Who will win?
In the tournament, teams played 2 singles and a double against one another.
In each of the 4 poules, the team with the most points went to the semifinals.
Some contestants wore bunny onesies. Don’t ask me why; perhaps they bring good luck?
Meet our referees: strict, but fair.
One of the two Totelos teams managed to reach the semifinals!
Pusphaira, one of the other semifinalists, brought in a full women’s team.
The last two tickets to the semifinals were both won by Fellenoord
The finals have started: Fellenoord versus Fellenoord!
The winner, rather unsurprisingly, was…
…Fellenoord! Congratulations!