On Valentine’s day, we had a romantic exchange activity with table tennis association Een en Twintig (Dutch for “twenty-one”), the home club of our trainer Hans. With 14 participants from our side and even more from theirs, we could definitely play many matches. Een en Twintig won the most, so congratulations to them! Though next time, we of course hope to show them once and for all which association is the best… 😉

Picture time!

All participants (minus one latecomer), ready to play!
Some warming-up beforehand is of course always a good idea
The first matches have started! Which association will come out victorious?
Each match consisted of three games. The association that won the most games, won the exchange!
A tense final game!
Of course, there was also time for doubles.
Our “pancake team” in action!
Both assocation are nicely lined up.
Hi there!
Relaxing in the canteen in between matches
Go Deb!
As a photographer, taking some pictures of people without them knowing is my favourite part of the job 😉
Hi there Robin!
Some practicing between TAVERES members was required to keep warm
We’re nearly done! Just a few matches to go…
I think Deb’s done playing…
Adding up the total scores is very important and thus requires total concentration
Time for the final results!
That’s a pity! Oh well, we will get them next time!
We hope you had fun! See you next time!