Participants arrive from all over Europe in Eindhoven on Friday night. Sleeping in a tent is only one of the possible ways to spend the night. The other option is to sleep in one of the sport halls of the student sports center. After participants have set up their tent (or not), they often fire up the barbecue and drink a few (or more) beers to “prepare” for the tournament.
Saturday! The tournament is about to begin and the participants are “trying” to get out of their beds while the organization is already up to prepare breakfast. Everyone needs to recover from the parties of the day before fast, because I suppose you want to win a few matches while you’re at the tournament anyway.
A lot of student players need a lot of tables. In the picture on the right some last-minute work is done to make sure that all tables in the three sport halls of the Eindhoven Student Sportscenter are set up correctly and when the time is right, the chairman of TAVERES opens the tournament with an official word and then: “let the matches begin!”
On Saturday the team tournament is played. Teams consist of two players and their are actually two different tournaments. One for women and one for men. At the end of the day we will know which teams are the best on the ITT.
After all team matches have been played, it’s time to eat and prepare for the big ITT party (or pose for a team picture). While all this is happening, a special party committee is already at the party location to make sure the evening is going to be unforgettable.
Party time! These are the ingredients of the always succesfull ITT student parties: a talented band, a swinging dj and very low-cost drinks. The party usually starts at 9pm, but no one seems to know when it exactly ends.
Coming out of bed on sunday is not one of the easy tasks, but luckily a good breakfast is waiting for you. We hope that everyone is fit enough to play the individual tournament, while the only good news for you is that you could come out of bed later than the organization!
And then the individual tournament kicks off! After a lot of stunning table tennis matches we’ll know which players can be called the winners of the ITT! Good luck to everyone and may the best player win!
Some players take a fresh nose (still recovering from the party?) and eat something or rest outside. Do I see people here trying to evade the camera?
Table 1 is prepared for the finals and after that the best players of the weekend compete for that first price! Everyone else at the sports center are enjoying a fine game of table tennis and watching the finals everyone realizes that a glorious weekend is almost over.
The second day of table tennis ends with a final ceremony. Prices are handed out and word of thanks sounds through the speakers. We hope that everyone experienced a wonderful tournament and we hope to see everyone next year!